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About Asia Holidays

Asia Holidays provides a one-stop, convenient and cost-effective service for the complex and inter-connected range of needs of tour-operators, agents and for those who seek to travel anywhere in Asia on the own, with family or friends.
Asia Holidays is a dynamic tour-operator with a vast international experience in tourism in different Asian countries. We provide excellent marketing, support and seamless travel services (transfer, hotel-booking, cultural programs, luxury yachts, wedding arrangements, excursion-tours, conferences, business trips and VIP services)

Philosophy of Asia Holidays is an expansive, proactive, global outlook. Always improving, innovating with exciting new tourism products and services.

On one side we know and understand the priorities of our customer.
On the other side we are committed to develop, improve and constantly provide better and more sustainable tourism at destinations. We are taking care not to unduly impact or intrude into local life and areas – while providing them a sustainable means of tourist revenues to improve their every day lives.

Our team
We bring you all this through young, well-trained, internationally diverse, highly enthusiastic, pleasant, friendly, competent and well informed guides who themselves love travelling and know what visitors seek in a holiday.
To maintain a high professional service we continuously analyze how effectively we deliver our services, review problems and how we resolved them or could resolve them better, constantly redefine our customer satisfaction goals and raise the level of our team local knowledge and cultural awareness.

Asia Holidays has good knowledge of Asia, its peoples, its myriads of cultures and way of life, local nuances, the amazingly, wild natural habitats and the unique, picturesque beauty of exotic Asia while being skilled to blend in the specific interests and priorities of potential clients and travelers.

How does Asia Holidays add value and why would we be your best partner in Asia?

  • We stake our reputation on our innovative ideas, excellent quality of products and moderate prices. With the intrinsic and rich knowledge of our qualified employees, we have been recognized within the industry as being able to offer our clients excellent levels service.
  • We offer our partners and travelers a wide range of services in different price segments. Though prices vary yet we remain committed to ensuring the high quality of service. We recognize this is not always easy but that’s why it is an interesting challenge we have set ourselves to achieve so that our customers are satisfied for the service they have paid. We incorporate current, rapidly changing technologies to make your booking easy and prompt. Due to the modern technologies it is simple to calculate various tourist products, such as individual, group tours, business or incentive travel.
  • Our responsibility to our guests is the enrichment of experience, knowledge about the destinations while travelling and also the high security during the journey.
  • The destinations, which we promote in our online portfolio, are visited frequently even as we further develop better local knowledge.

Tourist impact on the destination and its surroundings is of importance to us. Our never-ending task is to reach the harmony between inhabitant, tourists and nature and to preserve the environment.
It will be a great pleasure for us to know you and to receive new references and comments by virtue of which we could ensure interesting and mutually beneficial relations for fruitful work.

Very importunately - tourism is not only our work. We are passionate travelers ourselves and every new journey brings joy, optimism and wide scope of knowledge in our field of activities. In one way we are always a part of you – a where the only difference between us is to make your journey fantastic yet realistic experience as we endeavor to show you the beauty of the country, its peoples, its values, its ay of life, its strengths and inevitably its weaknesses.
That is how we have built this intrinsic understanding of your wishes and needs and that is a considerable part of our success at Asia Holidays.
Let’s be your experience beautiful and unforgettable at the Asian continent with Asia Holidays!


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