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Butan Trekking toursA trip to remember forever is a mixture of culture and treks. Explore the picturesque monasteries and temples, enjoy stunning beauty of Bhutanese landscapes and scenery, experience a unique Bhutanese culture almost unchanged by time.

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Bhutan VIP & LuxuryIn “VIP” section our travelers are awaiting special itineraries with personal touch, the high-end services, with stay at refined luxuries hotels, the exclusive transportation during the trip, unique relaxation and absolute solitude.

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Bhutan Cultural toursThe unique Bhutanese culture combined with active leisure is waiting on this tour. The urges of mountain, with breathtaking views on outrageous panoramas feel a huge spirituality and positive energy, which bound to leave a lasting impression on any visitor to the country.

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Bhutan Combined toursThis section we would like to give an exposure to those hungry for more experience of travel. You can combine your visit to Bhutan with more than one country at a time. The perfect combination of countries we suggest: India / Nepal / Bhutan / Tibet / Sri Lanka / Maldives.

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Bhutan Spiritual toursFor those on a search of spiritual discovery, we would be glad to show you Bhutanese traditional life at monastery. You will have opportunity to share the spiritual views with monks at monastery learn from the gurus and generate yourself with inner peace and happiness.

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Festivals tours in BhutanFestivals are an intrinsic part of Bhutanese cultural life and are observed throughout the year across the country. In this segment, we included a festival within your tour itinerary, which will be the most interesting highlight of your visit of Bhutan.

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